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About Kipsters

Welcome to KIPSTERS

At kipsters we make delicious homemade biscuits just for dogs

Kipsters was started 6 years ago I had moved house and was looking for a new career, I enjoyed baking for my family and was also baking for our puppy.

I had no idea that there would be so much involved in selling a dog biscuit, I thought it would be easy but it took quite a few months of inspections from Defra and Trading Standard to even get started.

I started with just 3 flavours:- Carrot, Treacle and Ginger and Crunchy Herb which our puppy was they all had to be sent off for lab testing (they are still sent off for yearly testing) while that was being done I spent hours sorting packaging and labelling what a minefield for someone that had done nothing like it before.

so here I am 6 years later with 12 different flavours in 3 sizes, a gluten free range, cakes and a web page delivery up and down the country

I Love My Small Business

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